Linen Style Card Stock
with Gold Leaf Emblem.
Decorative embossed edges
Item #BPFLD1 
Your 8.5 x11 certificate mounts in the die cut
corners inside the folder. These quality folders  have embossed edges. You can mix Black, Green,
Maroon or Blue for discounts.
OK to mix colors for discounts
1-9 $3.00
10-19 $2.40
20-29 $2.25
30-49 $2.10
50-74 $1.98
75-99 $1.92
100-149 $1.86
150-249 $1.80
250-499 $1.74
500+ $1.65

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Certificate Holders Certificate Folders

Certificate Holders Folders

Step #1
Choose Color Quantities
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Green Certificate Folder          Blue Certificate Folder

  Green Certificate Folder                           Blue Certificate Folder             


Black Certificate Folder         Maroon Certificate Folder

        Black Certificate Folder                     Maroon Certificate Folder        

Step #2
 Input Total 

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from step 1 in this box

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Certificate Holders

Certificate Holders - Mixed Color Folders