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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Limited Edition
Photo Plaque

with Original Race Used Tire Piece

This Top Quality Collectors Plaque from H & H Sports
includes the following:

10 line high quality engraved nameplate with Stats and Limited Edition Numbering.

Special 8x10 Photo.  Photo can be interchanged and taken out
to be autographed (signed).

Photo  - A Portrait shot of Junior with #8 Bud car below.
 from the 2003 Season.

- Race Used Tire Piece from Dale Earnhardt Jr. used in
the the Martinsville, VA race from 10/19/03

Limited Edition Certificate from H & H Sports

Production is Limited To 200 Plaques

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Original Race Used Tire

The tire piece is cut from the tread side of the tire. Tire piece is mounted and enclosed in a protective case that can be opened. All pieces for the limited edition plaque are approx. 2x3" and cut from the same tire use by Junior in the
 Martinsville, VA race from 10/19/03.
Included with the plaque is a Limited Edition Certificate from H & H Sports.  We have been selling sports collectibles since 1977.


Limited Edition Stat Plate

This high quality nameplate includes
Career stats & date of the race that
your tire piece was taken from.
(Please Note: Plate is clearer than photo)

Plate includes your Limited Edition Number.

The Limited Edition Numbering on nameplate will match your Certificate of Authenticity

Limited To 200 Plaques


#MTIRE6 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tire Plaque LTD $125.00