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This Plaque captures "The Kid" swinging for the sky and contains a 3"x3" piece of Cinergy Field / Riverfront Stadium Field TurfA


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Authentic Cinergy Field Riverfront Stadium
Field Turf & Photo
The Turf on this plaque comes in a protective case. Case can be opened and Turf can be removed.  Use it as a good luck coaster during Reds games.

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The Turf on this is genuine Cinergy Field / Riverfront Stadium Field Turf. The turf has the original rubber backing and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  The Plaque contains a photo of Cinergy / Riverfront from across the river.


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The high quality
Engraved Plate Reads:
Ken Griffey Jr.  Cincinnati Reds
Cinergy Field - Riverfront Stadium
Genuine Field Turf