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Blank Plaque Boards 5x7
Mix and Match Single Boards
for discounts

Plaques with concave beveled edges.
2 slots on the back for hanging vertical or horizontal.

(Engraved Plates and Acrylic Covers sold separately)

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5x7 Blank Plaque Board
Mix Styles OK
Item #MIX57

Quantity 8 Styles
OK To Mix
Classic Cherry
OK To Mix
1-9 $3.00 $3.50
10-19 $2.70 $3.20
20-51 $2.31 $2.81
52-103 $1.80 $2.30
104-207 $1.68 $2.18
208-363 $1.44 $1.94
364-519 $1.35 $1.85
520-up $1.26 $1.76
Step #1
Select your plaque color quantities
Mix and Match For Discounts

Walnut Wholesale Plaque Board

Walnut Style

Matte Black  Plaque Board Discount

Matte Black
Black Marble Wholesale Plaque Board Discount

Black Marble Style
Wholesale Plaque Board
White Marble Style

5x7 Blank Plaques Dark Grey with Black Edge

Dark Grey Marble
          with Black Edge

5x7  Light Oak Plaques

Dark Oak
5x7 Black Marble with Black Edge

Black Marble with Black Edge
5x7 Blank Plaques Dark Oak Black Edge

Dark Oak
            with Black Edge

5x7 Plaque Classic Cherry

Classic Cherry-Mahogany

This style is an additional
.50 per plaque



Step #2
Put the total number of plaques from above in this box

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