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trslambert.jpg (29302 bytes)Three Rivers Stadium Jack Lambert HOF Turf Plaque

Features Include:
- 8 line high quality engraved nameplate with Lambert info.

- 8x10 Photo Of Jack Lambert
The famous shot of Jack from Cover of the
July 1984 Issue of Sports Illustrated Title "The Man of Steel" 
and also know as the "Toothless"   Photo.

- Authentic 2x2" Turf  with certificate

- 10x8 Aerial Photo Of Three Rivers Stadium with Steelers playing field

- Large 13x20 Black Marble plaque

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Item #MR3R58 $105.00



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Certificate Of Authenticity

PLUS!!!   A Copy of the The Pittsburgh Tribune Review and Article on the Implosion of the Stadium



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Pictured on the left is a
close up of the
engraved nameplate

another great collectors item from