12x15 Plaque for 11x14 Document
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1-2 $20.00 Price
3-5 $15.00 25% Off
6-9 $14.00 30% Off
10-23 $13.60 32% Off
24-49 $12.40 38% Off
50-119 $11.00 45% Off
120-249 $10.40 48% Off
250+ $10.00 50% Off


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Certificate Plaque Kit 
12x15 Plaque for 11x14 Certificate
Your certificate is mounted under the Acrylic Cover.
Kit includes Plaque Board, Acrylic Cover & Brass Nails. 
Plaque has 2 slots on the back for mounting
vertical or horizontal.

Certificate Plaques SOLID BLACK

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Certificate Plaques SOLID BLACK

Acrylic is 1/8th inch thick with beveled edge as shown below

Certificate Plaques Acrylic Close

Certificate Plaque Nails
Cone Head Style Nails

Rosette Plaque Nails
Rosette Antique Gold