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Ralph Wilson Stadium
(Formerly Rich Stadium)
Buffalo Bills Plaque
Limited Edition of 100 with
actual seat piece

This Top Quality Collectors Plaque from H & H Sports includes the following:

Recessed groove on back for wall mounting

Deluxe 8 line Engraved
History Plate

- 12x15 Size - Great for Office - Home - Business-

-  Collectors Item 8x10 Photo

- Piece of Actual Stadium Seat

Ralph Wilson Limited Edition Seat Plaque #MRWLTD $95.00


Limited Edition of 100

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Authentic Stadium Seat Certificate & News Article
The Seat Piece on this plaque is from Ralph Wilson Stadium (Formerly Rich Stadium)  The plaque comes with our Certificate of Authenticity
which contains the matching Limited Edition number to your plaque.  You will also get a news article about the seats being removed in 1999 for stadium renovations

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The seat piece on this plaque comes in a protective case.  The case can be opened and your seat piece can be viewed close up