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This Top Quality Collectors Plaque from H & H Sports
includes the following:

Limited To Only 50 Plaques

Recessed groove on back for wall mounting

- 8x10 Photo Of John Elway
Passing at Mile High Stadium
from the Championship Seasons.

6x8 Photo Of Mile High Stadium

- 16x20 Size - Great for Office - Home - Business-

- Actual Turf & Dirt from Mile High Stadium with certificate

- 12 Line Engraved Nameplate with Career Stats & Limited Edition Numbering.

John Elway Mile High Turf Plaque Limited Edition
Item #TRF7




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The photo to the left shows the 12 Line nameplate with John"s Career Stats and Limited Edition Numbering

Plate will include the limited edition numbering.

(Your plaque may have a different number than shown in the sample)

Your Plaque is packaged and shipped with care!

Limited To Only 50 Plaques




The Photo to the left shows the Mile High Stadium Turf.
This turf  is the original dry dirt and turf (real grass) from the stadium.
Your Mile High turf is mounted in a clear plastic case that can be opened
and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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2 Classic Photos

The Photo to the left is a collage of classic Elway shots included John holding the Super Bowl Trophy.

The photo to the right shows
Rod Smith making an incredible catch!