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Mini-Snap, Screwdown & Soft Sleeves  Ball Squares & Gold Base

Puck Holders, Football Cubes
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Acrylic Screwdowns, Snap-tites & Soft Sleeves for Cards, Postcards etc.
Store your collectible cards, prints, and more, in these hard acrylic holders . Anything worth collecting is worth protecting. We have been selling these holders for over 20 years.  We carry top quality product for all your collecting needs. 

Item #

Description Packing Price Qt. Order


Mini Snap Tite
(Holds standard cards)
1 $1.00  
Box of 35 $19.50  


1/2" Thick Deluxe 4 Screw Card Holder
Box of 10 $69.50  



3X5" Four Screw Card Holder  Recessed
Box of 50 $65.00  
Case of 200 $160.00  


3X5" Four Screw Card Holder Non-Recessed
Box of 50 $65.00  
Case of 200 $160.00  
5x7 Screw Down<BR>(1 count)


5X7" Four Screw Card Holder Non-recessed
(Holds 4X6" Card or Photo)
1 $3.50  
Box of 20 $55.00  
5x7 Screw Down<BR>(1 count)


6X8" Four Screw Card Holder Recessed
(Holds 5X7" Card or Photo))
1 $5.00  
Box of 25 $75.00