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Plaque NailsGold or Silver
Cone Head Style
Plaque Nails

Rosette Plaque NailsGold or Silver
Rosette Antique Style
Plaque Nails
Gold Plaque Nails
M5BN1 Gold Plaque Nails Cone Head Pack of 100   $5.25
M5BN2 Gold Plaque Nails Cone Head  Box of 1000   $30.00
M5BNR1 Gold Rosette Antique Plaque Nails Pack of 100    $6.75
M5BNR2 Gold Rosette Antique Plaque Nails Box of 1000  40.00
Silver Plaque Nails
M6SN1 Silver Plaque Nails Cone Head Pack of 100   $5.25
M6SN2 Silver Plaque Nails Cone Head Box of 1000   $30.00
M6SNR1 Silver Antique Rosette Plaque Nails Pack of 100    $6.75
M6SNR2 Silver Antique Rosette Plaque Nails Box of 1000   $40.00

New Item! - Touch Up Marker Pen for Plaques
These pens have 2 tips (thick and thin) and are great for touching up plaques. 
(These are for our MIX SERIES standard plaques - They
will not work on Genuine Walnut or Piano Finish plaques)

M7PEN-WAL BROWN Touch Up Marker Pen For
WALNUT STYLE (Brown) Plaques
M7PEN-BK BLACK Touch Up Marker Pen For
Black Marble or Matte Black Plaques

 If you apply too much of the pen color, just wipe off the excess with a little isopropyl alcohol.


Plaque Double Stick Tape

Industrial Strength Professional Tape.
This quality tape will hold nameplates
and other components on your plaques

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M5T 1/2"x36 yd. roll     $10.00
M5TA 3/4"x36 yd. roll     $13.50
M5T2 1"x36 yd. roll     $17.50
M5T3 1.5"x36 yd. roll     $27.95
M5TD1 1.75" Foam dots - Sheet of 100  $10.50
M5TD2 1.75" Foam dots - Roll of 500  $44.50