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Blank Plaque Boards 4.25 x 6
Mix and Match Single Boards for discounts
or choose all the same color.

Plaques with concave beveled edges.
2 slots on the back for hanging vertical or horizontal.
(These are not for direct laser engraving)

Due to beveling, the actual surface area is approximately 1/2" smaller

(Engraved Plates and Acrylic Covers sold separately)

Special Sale Pricing! - Minimal Shipping!

4.25x6 Blank Plaque Board
Mix Styles or All Same Color OK
Item #MIX46

Quantity Walnut,
Matte Black,
1-9 $3.00
10-19 $2.82
20-51 $2.43
52-103 $1.92
104-207 $1.80
208-363 $1.56
364-519 $1.44
520-up $1.35
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Walnut Wholesale Plaque Board

Walnut Style

Matte Black  Plaque Board Discount

Matte Black


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(4.25 x 6" Size Plaque Boards)

Due to beveling, the actual surface size is approximately 1/2" smaller