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1927 World Series
Champion New York Yankees
Yankee Stadium Seat Plaque

Includes the following:

Recessed groove on back for wall mounting

-  8x10 Photo Of 1927 Yankees
(Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig Etc.)

- 6x8 Photo of Opening Day
of Yankee Stadium  in 1923

- 15x18 Size - Great for Office - Home - Business-

- Actual Seat Piece from Yankee Stadium

- 12 Line Engraved Nameplate with Stats & Limited Edition Numbering.

Limited To Only 50 Plaques

#MNY27 Yankee Stadium Seat Plaque  $250.00

Your Plaque is packaged and shipped with care!

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The Photo to the right shows the
Yankee Stadium Seat Piece.

This piece show both original blue and green paints that were used on the seat. Includes a certificate of authenticity.

Your Yankee Stadium Seat Piece is mounted in a clear plastic case the can be opened.  Photo plate above the turf show original full stadium seat.

Limited To Only 50 Plaques


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Aerial Photo Of Yankee Stadium On the
Day of the 1992 Re-opening.

(Note:  HHWEB.com overlay will not be on your photo)

Lou Gehrig's
Farewell Speech
at Yankee Stadium

A printed copy of the history and  text from
Lou Gehrig's "Luckiest Man Alive" Farewell Speech.

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Included with this great plaque
is a Certificate of Authenticity
for the Seat Plaque with number
to match Nameplate on Plaque

Seat is from the origianal Yankee
Stadium which opened in 1923.
The Seat was removed in the
1970's during rennovations.

Plate is clearer than Photo shows.